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The Q7 Project 

The Q7 Project has evolved over twenty years of working with organizations, communities, and in the political sphere. Based on deep and prolonged observation and study, this unifying framework situates consciousness, represented by the letter “Q” at the centre point of 6 foundational building blocks that are essential components of the Human Experience. Knowledge, Spirituality, Culture, Story, Economy and Ecology form the web of life that we all collectively experience and participate in.

From the center point of Q (Consciousness) defined for the purpose of the Q7 Project as “a deep and profound self awareness in relationship to one’s universe”. Beginning with self, and radiating out to others, organizations, community, our planet and beyond, this framework studies, observes and documents four key points. Beginning metaphorically at North is the Dynamics of Human Nature. East represents the Design of Human Intention. Both are an internal orientation. At point South, the Development of Human Behavior and West to the Nature of Human Enterprise are an external orientation.

The perspective of ‘Enterprise’ can be defined as an important and often difficult project or undertaking that requires boldness, courage, and energy. One is said to be “enterprising” when they continuously exhibit ingenuity, a fearless courage for exploring the adjacent possible, a higher than average tolerance for risk, seeing the possibilities where others can’t and an innate capacity to continually work around obstacles.

By adding the word Human before Enterprise; Human Enterprise – What “we” have done and why we do what we do. (see Installation 15 - The Human Enterprise)

In essence, The Q7 Project is a Human Performance Technology leading to deeper (self) awareness to inform our enterprise.

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