About A3

About A3  

Welcome to the world and life experience of A3. This is my personal website designed to share some detail about me and my journey of discovery with some of my clients, colleagues, family and friends. I invite you to take some time to explore some of my experiences, writings and ideas in the hope of understanding me in greater depth.

My goal is simply to create a place to collect and share my ongoing experiences in my fabulous life's journey and life's work. To tell "my story" if you will.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta in September of 1963 (a Virgo) at the Calgary General Hospital to Licia and Al, two Italian immigrant parents. I grew up in Renfrew, moved to Huntington Hills in the 70’s and had an idyllic childhood playing, imagining and exploring. I wanted to be a geologist, astronaut, pilot and explorer. My greatest memory of my pre-teen years was moving into a brand new home, playing with Tonka toys with the neighborhood kids in Derek’s back yard, where we built an entire “civilization” over a summer.

My teen years were marked by sports, girls, parties and lots of summer jobs in Palliser Square and the Calgary Tower where I saved enough money to purchase my first car at 15 - a classic 1972 Datsun 240Z – Awesome!

My late teens and early 20’s was a “physical” decade with an abundance of outdoor experiences, climbing, hiking and biking. I was introduced to the Martial Art of Kung Fu by my great friend Darrel (DD). I adopted “A3” as a moniker during my active youth whereby I needed a short name to label my outdoor gear, bikes, climbing equipment etc. "A" – represents Andre and "3" represents 3 dimensions of space, time and energy (fans of quantum physics, Einstein or Stephen Hawking might appreciate this). During the advent of the digital age, email and the internet I adopted "A3" as my digital signature and it has stuck ever since.

I am intensely curious and interested in many things online slots Canada, a true explorer at heart. Some of my hobbies include painting, sculpting, collecting stuff, designing and creating things from homes to furniture. I love the mountains (climbing & hiking) and the Ocean (sea kayaking) and pretty much anything in between. I love listening to many types of music from Tragically Hip to Frank Sinatra currently logging over 7500 songs on my iPod. I enjoy photography 

and collecting cool images - over 10,000 in my collection (check out my “digital gallery” on this site).

I am a voracious reader with a love of history, the arts, economics, psychology, politics, business and much more. I have a deep passion for our earth and all life on it including a soft spot for the environment and the destiny of our human civilization (see the "Earth One" link).

I am a continuous and insatiable learner and crave understanding at the core level of my being. I like to think of myself as a highly conceptual creative thinker and a whole-brain leader (check out the "Mind Maps" section of my digital gallery). I currently continue to practice self-study through Martial Arts, Yoga, and Meditation. I have been on a spiritual journey since my first trip to India almost 2 decades ago.

I have travelled extensively through many parts of the world exploring many countries, cultures and religions (check out my "Travelogues" on this site).

I have a very cool wife, Patricia, she teaches me something new about my self and the world every day. I love travelling, exploring and just plain spending as much time as I can with her!

I do very cool work (see "Quest" and "The Next" websites). My bio provides a road map through my professional journey and the body of work that I have crafted during the past two decades. I have developed my "Brand-You" bio to look at me from a slightly non-traditional professional perspective and my resume gives insight into my formal work history.

More about my character and personality can be seen with the battery of personality assessments, and psychological tests I have posted.

I have a highly diverse and eclectic background. I invite you to explore my site in the hope of finding new connections and insight into the anatomy of a complex human.

Andre Mamprin
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