A3 Artwork

"Monolith" c.1997


by Andre N. Mamprin

From the outside, an organization appears clean, smooth and seamless; it presents a united and cohesive face to the public. On the inside, a organization is a tangled web of ideologies, egos, politics, and conflicting agendas, all working as opposing forces impeding true progress.

Created in the mid-90s when Andre was beginning his career as a management consultant, 'Monolith' represents the paradox of the public and private faces of big business, both the creative and destructive forces at play. The castors allow the piece to hide or reveal to the public as the organization hap-hazardly navigates the complexities of consumer demand, economics, competition and the marketplace.

‘Monolith’ illuminates the darker, more cynical aspects of contemporary organizations and how modern organizations use power and influence to usurp society for its own growth and self interest. The energy consumed in order to present a single unified powerful and influential force to the outside while containing, aligning and managing the turmoil inside is formidable.


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A3 Artist Statement

ARTIST STATEMENT of Andre N. Mamprin

Andre N. Mamprin, Calgary, Canada is a multidisciplinary artist. All aspects of his creative work from his conceptual art, drawing to painting, sculpture, and experimental movies, through to writing, interventions in natural and urban environments converge on two uncommon objectives:

First, understanding the creative process & the generation of ideas from inception through to completion in order to stimulate interest, provoke thinking or disrupt the status quo.

Second, to use deep observation combined with pattern recognition in order to better understand, hold in jest, provide social commentary or offer constructive solutions to the Human Condition, contribute to the Human Diaspora or enhance the Human Enterprise.

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