A Quest is an epic journey of discovery. In medieval times, a Quest was a bold, romantic and dynamic search, an adventurous expedition or undertaking by a knight towards a goal, new understanding, or a great achievement; always moving with intention towards excellence.

In  mythology a Quest is the making of a great story. The objects of quests require great exertion on the part of the hero, and the overcoming of many obstacles, and much adversity typically including much adventure and travel. This travel allowed the storyteller to showcase new thinking and fresh ideas from exotic locations and cultures.

In the same spirit, Quest Inc. (Q3) has been established to advance applied research, developing new thinking and understanding which translates to programmatic content in the field of Human Performance Technology, Leader and Leadership Development.

Deploying a wide range of methodologies, our end goal is to create and translate strategic, innovative, realistic, highly attainable solutions for the increasingly complex and competitive contemporary world of work.

We believe entrepreneurial business exists to enhance the quality of the human experience. Therefore our purpose at Quest Inc. is to equip our progressive clients, the end users of our thinking, to master new levels of insight, enhanced leadership capability, and the creativity and innovation required to solve complex challenges in their business environment.

As a result organizations we touch are better equipped, more sustainable, productive, focused and aligned around the core value they create.


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