What constitutes Charisma?


Every once in a while in life, you meet someone that you gravitate to, like a magnet to steel. This left me wondering who I know personally that is “charismatic?”  Once I wrote down my list of a dozen people I know I went to school on what the specific attributes of charisma are as it pertained to these individuals.

Here’s what I came up with...A deeply grounded presence, the capacity to tell highly engaging stories (and they have many of them), in fact, they are story makers more than story tellers, they make you feel that YOU are the only person in the room when they engage with you, they have a high quirk factor, they are confident and care little about what others think of them.

The factor to remember here is there is a fine line between charm and charisma. Big difference... Charming people make you feel good about you or a situation, they make you feel comfortable and perhaps garner a high degree of trust. They may even have a “lovability factor”

Why does charisma matter? I think it is directly linked to australia best online casino leadership and may even be the shadow side of leadership. I say this because I have met many “Charismatic Leaders” that can get people do something or follow them based on nothing other than their gravitational pull. Not always do these leaders have your or your enterprises’ best interest at heart.

Discernment is key. We all love being around charismatic people. The question when one of these people has a tractor beam on you is what is their driving motivation?

Andre N. Mamprin