A3 Artist Statement

ARTIST STATEMENT of Andre N. Mamprin

Andre N. Mamprin, Calgary, Canada is a multidisciplinary artist. All aspects of his creative work from his conceptual art, drawing to painting, sculpture, and experimental movies, through to writing, interventions in natural and urban environments converge on two uncommon objectives:

First, understanding the creative process & the generation of ideas from inception through to completion in order to stimulate interest, provoke thinking or disrupt the status quo.

Second, to use deep observation combined with pattern recognition in order to better understand, hold in jest, provide social commentary or offer constructive solutions to the Human Condition, contribute to the Human Diaspora or enhance the Human Enterprise.

Within Mamprin’s creative process which shape a creation, we can witness an intricate dialog between five dimensions; Space, the context in which the expression is executed, Time the primary and non negotiable temporal element that forms the primary constraint to all life, Energy that builds from inspiration and intention, Matter used as the primary input to construct the work, and Design, used to organize the intention behind the work and serve as a conceptual blueprint for construction.

These five dimensions work separately or in unison to provoke, evoke or stir emotion moving the idea or concept from the viewers head to the heart, and is designed to leave the viewer with an existential question. Before, during and sometimes after the creative process, Mamprin uses his own style of Concept Mapping to document the creative process which intern becomes a creative byproduct of the work.

Mamprin’s creative work aspires to stimulate imagination that may result in an accidental revelation which is intended to generate constant change, evolution or even transformation in the way the viewer thinks, perceives or knows. The work is intended to bear witness to and act as testament to the human enterprise.

Mamprin submits “An image that stems from the mind’s eye (imagination) without a possible conclusion, bends perception, challenges reality and always resides in instability ultimately forms a paradox. All of life stems from paradox. Nothing is permanent, hence the role of adaption in evolution.”