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"Cardinal Sin" by Banksy at the MOCO in Amsterdam

"Cardinal Sin" by Banksy at the MOCO in Amsterdam #Banksy #MOCO

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A3 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a unique progressive and friendly culture. A truly delightful European City! #A3Travels

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A3 at The Churchill War Room in London

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Churchill: The “British Bulldog”

This year marks 50th anniversary the death of Wartime British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He was an iconic figure, renowned for his cigars, quick wit and significant leadership.

When the Second World War broke out in September 1939, Neville Chamberlain was the British Prime Minister. Winston Churchill only took over the job on 10th May 1940, and is credited with leading the country to victory, and maintaining moral with a series of brilliant speeches.

Churchill’s accomplishments were significant. He is re featuring his work as a painter, writer, orator and politician. He was brilliant military strategist with dogged determination and ws the prime architect of the Allied forces battle against the Germans.

“The spring of 1940 was the pivotal point of the 20th century,” he says. “Britain was standing alone against the onslaught of the Nazi movement. Churchill rallied the world.”

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A Truly Inspiring Canadian

Thirty years ago a young Terry Fox embarked on his Marathon of Hope, a Cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer. Unfortunately Terry succumbed to his illness in 1981 before he was able to complete his run. Since then Terry Fox has inspired millions of people to run for cancer raising hundreds of millions of dollars. Terry is a truly inspiring Canadian, Thank you for your gift to the world!

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